Industrial, high intensity, high heat area, high vibration area fixtures. The CraneLUX fixtures are designed and manufactured to handle the (3) V’s: Varying ambient temperatures that often exceed 65º C; Voltage spikes from harsh electrical environments – both AC and DC; Vibration constant locations like bridge cranes.  These high intensity LED fixtures utilize both passive and active cooling systems.  They include custom RR suppression modules and non metallic shock mounts.  The CraneLUX fixtures are available in SSL passively cooled LED,  LCool actively cooled LED and high pressure sodium and metal halide HID.

CraneLux SSL and CL fixtures features:

  • LED or HID fixtures with long range remote driver and ballast options
  • Operate on AC or DC voltages with custom RR suppression modules
  • Precision formed reflectors in stainless steel, black or other custom colors
  • 3000 Kelvin, 4000, Kelvin, 5000 Kelvin, All RED or All Blue LED colored
  • 100% direct light distribution
  • Perform exceptionally well in high heat environments
  • Silicon gasketed
  • High temperature cord options
  • All stainless steel TL option
  • Shock mount, vibration resistant design
  • Prewired and pre assembled with multiple remote mount, vibration resistant options
  • Thermal management systems to accommodate temperatures of 65º and above
  • Optional wire guards and heavy duty glass

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