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Introducing our new Wet-Location LiteSHADE, the solution for outdoor sporting venues.

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Introducing the new Wet-Location LiteSHADE

Payne-Sparkman's LiteSHADE gives you the ability to achieve complete theatrical BLACKOUT without the time-consuming process of turning off HID fixtures, letting them cool down, then waiting for full light intensity after they restrike (20 minutes or more).

Instead, the quick and compact LiteSHADE can close and open while all the fixtures stay on. Full light to blackout, to full light in just seconds.

Some LiteSHADE Features:

  • Payne-Sparkman's LiteSHADE deploys across any directed light luminaire and quickly shades the light, providing BLACKOUT, while maintaining the lamp at full on or a dimmed level.
  • The LiteSHADE's compact and efficient design outperforms "louver" and "hood" type products because it does not affect fixture efficiency or access to the lamp.
  • The LiteSHADE can be fit to nearly all directional light luminaires and in a variety of conditions (including round or rectangular fixtures, even on recessed luminaires in a dropped ceiling).
  • The LiteSHADE's shade can withstand temperatures up to 800°F.
  • Instead of trapping heat with a solid shading enclosure,
  • The LiteSHADE allows heat to dissipate (while still absorbing all of the light), so luminaires operate at only slightly higher temperatures than normal.
  • LiteSHADEs may be programmed to open and close in various sequences and arrangements, including theatrical BLACKOUT.
  • Complete control over general light levels and focused light intensities are made possible by pairing
  • LiteSHADEs with PhaseARC dimming and the LiteTALK Network.
  • Payne-Sparkman's LiteSHADE lets you go from LIGHT ... TO DARK ... TO LIGHT IN SECONDS!!
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Control from aywhere.

With Payne-Sparkman's LiteWORKS, you can have complete and secure access to your entire facility's lighting system from any web-enabled device. Whether you are court side needing to initiate pregame 'blackout' in the arena from your iPhone; or off site needing to control a few areas remotely. We can make it all happen for you now


Wet-Location LiteSHADEs are available now for any outdoor venue or natatorium. The LiteSHADE's compact and versatile design can be installed on any existing HID fixture to provide the dramatic effects of theatrical BLACKOUT without the long wait for lamp restrike and without the fear of overheating fixtures.

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