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Payne-Sparkman has developed a comprehensive line of products over more than 25 years.

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Payne-Sparkman Mfg., Inc.

A brief overview of our 25+ years in the business

Payne-Sparkman Manufacturing, Inc., founded in 1978, first specialized in the manufacture of DC lamp ballasts and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp ignitors for use in the coal mining and hot metal industries. Payne-Sparkman now provides these products along with metal halide (MH) and HPS CraneLUX fixtures to an array of top tier industrial customers. The UltraSONIC Ignitor, designed for any HPS or pulse start MH lamp, is utilized as both a replacement item and an OEM component by department of transportation districts and university customers across the country. This incredibly durable “starter” preserves ballast life and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Throughout its thirty-year history, Payne-Sparkman has pioneered many practical lighting technologies for commercial markets by listening and responding to its customer base. During this time, the company has manufactured value-added lighting systems for multi purpose venues, school and university campuses, hospitals and mri rooms, biotechnology/animal research facilities, and government buildings.

In the 1980’s Payne-Sparkman developed the PhaseARC dimmable high intensity discharge (HID) ballast, the first of its kind in the industry. This patented technology dims, continuously, HID lamps - MH or HPS - across multiple light levels as low as 1%! Convention centers, multi purpose rooms, hospitals and churches are just some of the facility types utilizing Payne-Sparkman’s low level HID dimming. An outgrowth of this technology is RideTHRU , the premier HID emergency system on the market today. It is designed to work in conjunction with a code rated generator to maintain arc lamps of any wattage at 0-volts, alleviating re-strike issues so the lamps return to full light output when power is restored! The RideTHRU system provides exceptional emergency lighting for parking garages, multi purpose venues, and correctional facilities. Both PhaseARC dimming and HID emergency RideTHRU give customers more light level flexibility, functionality and safety out of an arc lamp.

The onset of the 1990’s brought the advent of Payne-Sparkman’s “distributed intelligent” lighting system. LiteNET communicates across the LiteTALK twisted pair network to an array of “smart” modules and provides the customer with a lighting network comprised of addressable devices: smart relays, smart switches and sensors, controllers, incandescent dimmers, fluorescent dimmers, low level HID dimmers, even the patented LiteSHADE for complete blackout of any HID fixture. This streamlined, low cost, comprehensive network approach is LiteWORKS and has catapulted Payne-Sparkman into the “systems business,” allowing the end user to control and manage the entire facility from a custom software front-end or through a BMS system. In the new millennium, Payne-Sparkman continues to lead the industry with its wireless control and monitoring. With spread spectrum technology, the LiteNET system can communicate and diagnose lighting irregularities at individual circuits or fixtures without network wires! LiteLINK sends and receives commands up to (1) mile line-of-site!

Moving into 2010, Payne-Sparkman is particularly proud of:

  • the new LiteLINK controls, allowing access to the entire LiteTALK network from an iPhone.
  • the new Wet-Location LiteSHADE, giving outdoor venues the ability to have full Blackout
  • and the latest RideTHRU ballasts, helping reduce waste and maintenence by going battery-free.

Payne-Sparkman is committed to bringing the newest and most innovative technology to the lighting business in order to add value for the customer. For more information on Payne-Sparkman and its lighting management systems, contact headquarters by filling out the form below.

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Control from aywhere.

With Payne-Sparkman's LiteWORKS, you can have complete and secure access to your entire facility's lighting system from any web-enabled device. Whether you are court side needing to initiate pregame 'blackout' in the arena from your iPhone; or off site needing to control a few areas remotely. We can make it all happen for you now


Wet-Location LiteSHADEs are available now for any outdoor venue or natatorium. The LiteSHADE's compact and versatile design can be installed on any existing HID fixture to provide the dramatic effects of theatrical BLACKOUT without the long wait for lamp restrike and without the fear of overheating fixtures.

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